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The faculty and staff of the Department of Physics are committed to excellence and President's Crow's vision of "The New American University". The department is comprised of a diverse staff from leading institutions from around the globe bringing with them knowledge and expertise in the core discipline of physics as well as cutting-edge research areas.


Our leadership and staff are key contributors to the success of our students and faculty.


The Department of Physics is honored to recognize our Emeritus faculty their contribution in curriculum and research.

Graduate Students

The Department of Physics has over 150 graduate students who work alongside their mentor to discover and patent their scientific findings.


The Department of Physics is home to over 40 faculty members who are recognized as world leaders for their contribution to the most innovative research.

Research Scientist and Postdocs

The Department of Physics has a growing body of research scientist and postdoctoral scholars who are dedicated to making scientific contributions in the areas of biological and soft matter physics, cosmology, particle and astrophysics, nanoscience and material physics.