Fundamentals of Novel Anisotropic Atomically Thin Materials


Abstract: Anisotropic 2D materials (pseudo-1D crystals) are a new class of materials in which atoms are confined in 2D but are arranged in a way that they form 1D chain-like features running across one specific lattice direction. In a sense, they fall between conventional 1D nanostructures (nanoribbons, nanowires, etc.) and isotropic 2D materials (graphene, MoS2, GaSe etc.). These materials exhibit unique direction and polarization dependent properties that allow for a new degree of freedom where different material properties can be attain in different crystalline directions, which are particularly attractive for a number of advanced photonic, optics, and optoelectronic applications. Overall, this talk summarizes recent advances made in pseudo-1D material synthesis, characterization, fundamental understanding, and applications by the team led by Prof. Tongay at Arizona State University.

Biography: Sefaattin Tongay is an assistant professor in Materials Science and Engineering in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. Sefaattin Tongay obtained his Ph.D. in Physics at The University of Florida in December 2010 working with member of Academy of Sciences Dist. Prof. Dr. Arthur F. Hebard. He conducted his postdoctoral work at the University of California, Berkeley in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering working with Prof. Dr. Junqiao Wu. He has authored 111 SCI-indexed research articles in prestigious journals such as Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Physics, Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications, Nano Letters, and Physical Review Letters.  He currently has h-index of 40, and holds 2 key patents on 2D materials. His work received wide media coverage from Nature publications, Scientific American, MIT news, Science Daily,, IOP nanotechweb, Gizmag, and various other media sources. His research focuses on synthesis, interface physics, and applications of atomically thin materials. He is the winner of prestigious 2016 NSF Early CAREER Award, 2016 French National Laboratory Foreign Scientist Award, 2016 The Scientist of the Year from his native country’s Turkish Science Association, 2011 Tom Scott Memorial Award, 2016 and 2017, Top Teaching Award at Arizona State University, and 2017 Top Assistant Professor Award by Arizona State University. Prof. Tongay is an editorial member of IOP Applied Physics Review (impact factor 14) and Nature Publishing Journal Nature 2D Materials and Applications.

October 2, 2017
Professor Sefaattin Tongay
Arizona State University
Dr. Peter Crozier