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Alumni Giving

Mr. William Motil is a long time supporter of the physics department  in investing in physics students. Bill spent most of his career with EG & G in Albuquerque. The Albuquerque Operations includes systems engineering and integration. Bill worked on several classified projects throughout his career, mainly involving EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) sensors for the Air Force Weapons Laboratory.

Bill is proud to sponsor a scholorship that allows 46 physics students to travel to conferences or other research attraction. He is passionate about physics and believes that our students will positively impact the future. The department can support student travel to competitions and conferences as well as to purchase classroom and research equipment, conduct special lectures, and support for special programs with the help of Mr. Motil.

Your gift to this fund will allow the Department  to implement actions that will enhance the profile and the quality of the Department. We welcome your contribution to this fund.

Mr. William Motil