Chi Xu

Postdoc Research Associate FSC 2008
Post Doctoral Scholars
TEMPE Campus

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Research Interests

My research has been focusing on below areas:

- Growth and characterization of novel group IV infrared materials such as Ge, GeSi, GeSn and GeSiSn

- IR optoelectronic devices such as photodetectors and LEDs

- Semiconductor physics studying doping, band gap, lattice constant and other features of group IV materials

Using new generation gas phase precursors such as Ge3H8, Ge4H10, SnD4 and Si4H10, I am able to grow high quality Ge-based single crystal films on Si or Ge substrates. Based on these materials we are able to fabricate various optoelectronic devices working in the infrared range, and study frontier topics in the fields of semiconductor physics.

One of my recent interests is the in situ doping techniques in Ge-based materials. Doping is essential for the realization of almost all devices because intrinsic semiconductors (as you can tell from the name) have quite poor conductivity. Using novel doping molecules such as P(GeH3)3, As(SiH3)3, SbD3 and B2H6, I am able to achieve high doping levels, high dopant activation and flat dopant profiles at low growth temperatures, which showed advantages over traditional implantation + annealing doping methods.


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