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Instrument Shops

The experienced and capable staff of the Mechanical Instrument and Electronics Shops have extensive experience in fabricating and repairing instrumentation for research and education. All of the components are built to the design specifications set forth by researchers’ designs. Our mission is to produce quality instrumentation in support of ASU scientists and researchers.


Standard Priority to $32/hour 
High Priority to $57/hour

NOTICE: All Design and design consultation will be charged for at the existing manufacturing rates. This will include consultation for new jobs and repair for non-functioning design submissions.


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The Mechanical Instrument Shop is a full-service precision machine shop specializing in the design, fabrication and repair of scientific, mechanical and teaching apparatus for the Arizona State University community.

The self-service shop is a fully-equipped machine shop open to all classified staff, faculty and students affiliated with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Anyone interested in using the student shop must complete the shop’s training course.

The Mechanical Instrument Shop provides a variety of services including:

  • The design and fabrication of scientific, mechanical and teaching apparatus.
  • Precision machining of all types of metals, plastics and ceramics.
  • Project consultation.
  • Build and repair of UHV systems and components.
  • Welding, brazing and soldering.
  • Repair of all types of rotary vane and diaphragm vacuum pumps.

Our instrument designers can help researchers take a conceptual idea and develop it into a working apparatus using the latest computer-aided design (CAD) software and fabricating equipment.Using the latest CAD/CAM software, our instrument designers can take a conceptual idea and develop it into a working apparatus. We can also reverse engineer from existing parts or rudimentary drawings.

Contact Information

James Makar,  instrument shop supervisor
Phone: 480-965-3300

  • Shop hours are M-F 7am -4pm
  • The mechanical and electronic instrument shops are located in Research Support Services Bldg 1 (RSS1).
  • The student shop is located in the basement of Bateman Physical Sciences Center F-wing, room PSF-64.


Any classified staff, faculty or student is eligible to use the self service shop once they have completed the training course. The course is a non-credit course. The student shop class teaches participants shop safety, working with sheet metal and fabricating parts using milling machines, lathes and other shop equipment. Through the class, the participants can gain an appreciation of the basics of mechanical design and the limitations of fabrication techniques. Classes are taught between the hours of 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. and can be tailored to fit the schedule of participants. The class is recommended for anyone who will be working with instrument design, construction, modification or repair.

Safety Requirements

  • Safety glasses must be worn at all times.
  • No open-toed shoes.
  • Long sleeves on garments such as shirts, lab smocks, etc. must be rolled up (above the elbows) before operating shop equipment and tools.
  • Long hair must be tied back before operating shop equipment and tools.
  • No ties or neck wear.
  • No use of MP3 players or iPods while working in the shop.
  • For safety reasons, two people must be present in the shop when operating shop equipment.

Shop Rules

  • Only persons trained or approved by the student shop manager may use the self-service machine shop.
  • Shop tools must be handled in a safe manner.
  • No horseplay.
  • Equipment and tools are to be cleaned and put away after each use.
  • Only work related to university projects may be performed in the student shop.
  • Report safety problems to the student shop manager or call the Mechanical Instrument Shop at 480-965-5522.
  • For information or assistance, contact Mark White  at 480-965-5522.


  • 3 Bridgeport series 2 manual milling machines w/ DRO’s
  • Colchester 11" manual lathe
  • Colchester 13" manual lathe
  • Cincinnati 12-1/2" manual lathe
  • Sheldon 11" manual lathe
  • Powermatic drill press
  • Doall vertical bandsaw
  • Jet horizontal saw
  • ICM sandblaster
  • Di-Arco manual brake
  • Di-Arco manual shear
  • Rotex turret punch

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The Engineering Electronics Shop provides consulting, design, proto-typing, fabrication and repair services  for faculty, students and staff.

Location and Hours

Research Support Services Complex 
Shop Hours: 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday 
Office Hours: 8 a.m.-noon, 1-2:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

Project Development:

The electronic shop performs duties through all stages of project development and repair using scientific knowledge, Instruments and technology.

 Project Development is accomplished from the initial startup or concept through meetings with a client to discuss their project objectives.

 After the objectives have been determined the fabrication process begins with the development of prototypes created by working in a cross-functional operation with colleagues and teams in other branches of engineering that are approved by the customer for implementation.

Instrument Repair:

Electronic Instruments are used throughout the University for research and instructional purposes that require maintenance and repair. The types of instruments most commonly in need of repair are environmental equipment such as centrifuges, ovens, orbital shakers and incubators used in biological research and class instruction.

Other types of instruments included for repair but are not limited to are power supplies, multimeters, Oscilloscopes, function generators, dynamometers and three phase power distribution equipment used for the electrical engineering curriculum laboratory assignments.

The repair functions and operations are performed to discrete component board, subsystem and system level on custom and or modified equipment by professors for specific purposes.