Discovering Pathways for Materials Design thru Data


Abstract: This presentation discusses  how Material Informatics can transform  the existing paradigm of accelerated materials discovery and multiscale design , namely from one that involves the generation of, and searching among, massive data  libraries via high throughput computation and/or experiments, to one of targeted materials discovery based on discovering the best pathways for that and for future discoveries. This presentation will focus on how data science methods that include the analysis of the structure of high dimensional data through the tools of  manifold learning and topological data analysis can impact a broad areas of materials science including materials characterization and modeling. 

Biography: Krishna Rajan is the inaugural Erich Bloch Endowed Chair of the Department of Materials Design and Innovation (MDI) at University at Buffalo: the State University of New York– a position he assumed in the summer of 2015 for this newly formed department.

Professor Rajan received his doctorate from MIT in 1978 in Materials Science with a minor in science and technology policy and followed his graduation with a postdoctoral appointment at Cambridge University.  His undergraduate education was at the University of Toronto where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in metallurgy and materials science in 1974. Prior to joining UB, he was at Iowa State University for a decade serving as the Wilkinson Professor of Interdisciplinary Engineering, holding appointments in materials science and engineering, and the bioinformatics and computational biology program.  Before that he was professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a staff scientist at the National Research Council of Canada. More than 40 doctoral and masters’ students have graduated under his guidance. He has also supervised nearly 50 postdoctoral scientists in materials science, physics, computer science and statistics. With over 300 publications and ~300 invited presentations to his credit, Prof. Rajan is the founding editor-in-chief of the Materials Discovery Journal, published by Elsevier. He has received numerous awards and recognitions, including most recently the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award from Germany for his pioneering work in establishing the field of materials informatics; and was appointed as a member of Science and Technology Experts Group (ISTEG) of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine

October 16, 2017
Professor Krishna Rajan
SUNY-Buffalo, Chair, Materials Design & Innovation
Dr. William Petuskey