The Department of Physics is proud to present the 2018/2019 Colloquia. Each speaker is a leader in their area of research, and we are excited to host a diverse and accomplished group of physicists.

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Colloquia are held Thursdays from 4:00pm-5:00pm. Refreshments served in the hallway (3:45 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.) Location: Bateman Physical Sciences Building F-Wing, Room 101

Date Speaker Affiliation Host Meet the speaker
January 16, 2020 Samuel Teitelbaum Arizona State University Serious bismuth: What the 83rd element can teach us Peter Bennett Email the host
January 23, 2020 CANCELLED
January 30, 2020 John Bechhoefer Simon Fraser University The details are in the devil: Maxwell’s demon in the real world Steve Pressé Email the host
February 6, 2020 Peter Wolynes Rice University Evolution, energy landscapes, and the paradoxes of protein folding Banu Ozkan Email the host
February 13, 2020 Kathry Zurek California Institute of Technology New ideas in dark matter theory and detection Cindy Keeler Email the host
February 20, 2020 Bei-Lok Hu University of Maryland Quantum thermodynamics from the nonequilibrium dynamics of open systems Tanmay Vachaspati Email the host
February 27, 2020 Fred C Mackintosh Rice University Mechanical phase transitions and the principle of detailed balance in living systems Robert Ros Email the host
March 5, 2020 Frank Wilczek Arizona State University New ideas in Axion detection Tanmay Vachaspati Email the host
March 19, 2020 Jingyue Liu Arizona State University Heterogeneous catalysis at the single-atom limit Dave Smith Email the host
March 26, 2020 Steven Louie University of California, Berkeley The fascinating quantum world of atomically thin 1D & 2D materials John Spence Email the host
April 2, 2020 Richard D. Leapman National Institute of Health, NIBIB Cowley Distinguished Lecture: Probing structure and composition of cells in 3D with scanned electron beams Dave Smith Email the host
April 9, 2020 Francis Halzen University of Wisconsin Opening a neutrino window on the universe from the south pole Cecilia Linardini Email the host
April 16, 2020 Steve Pressé Arizona State University A subjective history of physics: From Laplace to Dirichlet Banu Ozkan Email the host
April 23, 2020 Ben McMorran University of Oregon Interferometry with sculpted electrons: Probes of quantum phenomena Molly McCartney Email the host
April 30, 2020 Matthew Baumgart Arizona State University Unshattering electroweak symmetry Tanmay Vachaspati Email the host