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Undergraduate Research Openings

Department of Physics faculty who have specific projects geared toward undergraduate students will be posted below. Students who are not interested in the below opportunities should follow the steps to getting involved in research on the main undergraduate research page.


If you are interested in a listed opening, please apply below. 

Apply for Undergraduate Research Opening 

Faculty Namesort descending Research Area Title Description Position Type Skills Needed Available Openings
Oliver Beckstein Biological and Soft Matter Physics, Nanoscience and Materials Physics Google Summer of Code 2019: MDAnalysis The MDAnalysis Open Source Project https://mdanalysis.org is a Python-based library for analyzing particle simulations in biophysics, chemistry, and the materials sciences. MDAnalysis is looking for students (undergraduates and graduates) to participate in "Google Summer of Code" (GSoC) 2019 https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/. Paid Python, version control, see special application requirements in text 1
Prof. Nicole Herbots, ir, PhD UCL, Emerit. Biological and Soft Matter Physics Accurate Ion Beam Analysis of Electrolytes via Rutherford Backscattering (RBS) and Positive Ion X-ray Emission (PIXE) of Uniform Thin Solid film of Blood congealed via HemaDrop™ Accurate analysis of microliter blood samples can improve patient care during medical testing and forensics. Patients can suffer from anemia due to the larger volume required for blood tests, 7 milliliters per vial. Attempts at analysis of nanoliter blood samples by Theranos have systematic errors > 10%, higher than medically acceptable thresholds. Credit ASU Lab & Fire safety training - add hazardous waste, bio-safety, Microsoft Word Office (Word, Excel), Enthusiasm, interest and dedication 2
Rizal F. Hariadi Biological and Soft Matter Physics, Nanoscience and Materials Physics 3 Biophysics research Cells are just machines that compute – small, incredibly complex biological machines, but machines nonetheless. Research in the BIOMAN LAB (BIOmolecular Mechanics And Nanotechnology LABoratory) is dedicated to understanding biomolecular machines, primarily using a Physics and synthetic approach. Volunteer Physics, Summer research, Dedication 1