Arek Dieterle Memorial Award

Program Type: Undergraduate

This award is a memorial to Arek Dieterle (1974-1999, president of ASU SPS 1997-1998), an outstanding Society of Physics Students (SPS) member. This award honors ASU SPS members who show the same qualities that made Arek such an outstanding member. Some of these qualities were Arek’s attitude towards SPS and his colleagues, his dedication to his studies, and his positive outlook on life in general. Arek was always willing to take time out of his schedule to help someone else, be it for school work or some other problem. Arek never asked anything in return for his help, demonstrating his love of SPS and its members through a devotion to helping everyone strive both in school and in any other way he could. This award shall continue to remind us of all of the qualities that made Arek an outstanding SPS member and a friend to so many. We hope that Arek’s spirit and dedication to SPS will continue to live on in the future generations of SPS and be noticed in this award.

An eligible applicant is an undergraduate and active, paying member of SPS, participating in SPS events and attending club meetings. Though there is no specific cumulative GPA requirement, academic success and improvement is considered. The amount of this scholarship is an estimated $1500.

Application must be received by midnight on the day it is due, and include:

  • General application: apply now.
  • Transcripts of all relevant work (unofficial copies are acceptable).
  • A brief statement, explaining why you should be considered for this scholarship, include any career plans.

Please submit all materials online. Applications (and required materials and letters) received after the deadline will not be considered, and a new application must be made for a later year.

Please contact Morgan Texeira with any questions,